Living your best life begins by unleashing the points of power within

Mission Statement

Flyte Time Publications breathes life into an African Proverb that says Each One, Teach One, by creating an online community to encourage, edify, and empower women and girls throughout the world with lived experience in foster care, victims of sexual abuse, and kindred spirits impacted by traumatic life events.

We believe living your best life begins by unleashing the points of power within you.

The books and articles highlighted on our site offer practical guidance for harvesting the indestructible life force and inner strength buried beneath the story of every trauma survivor that can change the course and trajectory of their lives for the better.

As a trauma survivor with seventeen years of lived experience in foster care, our creator, Lady D is well acquainted with the pain of family separation, severance, and loss, and sexual abuse.

She experienced a meteoric rise from the depths of adversity and hardship, but later tasted the agony of defeat in several areas of her life while operating under the influence of trauma. Her life and times reveal it is better to end the spin cycle birthed by trauma sooner rather than later.

The launch of Flyte Time Publications captures the three-fold nature of Lady D’s life mission and purpose –

  • Continue to show up for herself and others no matter what,
  • Keep flying high and keeping it real, and
  • Continue to chronicle life lessons learned along the way to distribute and share as spiritual wealth with kindred spirits.

Learn more about Lady D.

Authors Guild Author Spotlight -January 2023

We Meet You Where You Are

We meet you on the long, and sometimes lonely walk towards freedom from the traces and hiding places of trauma in everyday life which often shows up in the form of anger, anxiety, denial, depression, despair, guilt, numbing behavior, people-pleasing, perfectionism, self-doubt, shame, substance abuse, and any other culprit in hiding that undermines the ability to consistently experience positive life change.

We offer help when searching for answers to familiar questions like:

  • What did I do to bring about the situation I’m in?
  • Why did these bad things happen to me?
  • What can I do to move on and get on with living my life?
  • What is my purpose and how can I make a difference in the world?

Ready to Serve

We create an oasis for experiencing positive life change by offering content to transform your desire to live your best life into a reality by:

  • Offering content to manage the day-to-day realities of living a life impacted by trauma.
  • Sharing affirmations, life skills, self-care routines, and spiritual insight to nurture mind, body, soul, and spirit.
  • Publishing monthly articles with tips and tools to end the life-cycle of trauma.
  • Welcoming Guest Bloggers to contribute to our mission by writing articles to share with subscribers to Lifelines for Fearless Living.  To get started as a guest blogger fill out the form on Lady D’s Blog webpage.

 “A mind is a terrible thing to waste trafficking in the spin cycle birthed by trauma.”

Our goal is to help site visitors improve the quality of their lives. We lend support for bridging the rift that often occurs between the mind, body, soul, and spirit of trauma survivors by:

  • Sharing practical information for use in creating a personal action plan to observe, manage, and modify life-draining thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors molded and shaped by trauma.
  • Offering spiritual insight and wisdom to permanently eliminate the faces and traces of trauma from everyday life.

You can make living your best life a reality by reflecting on a couple of lifelines and affirmations penned by Lady D:

  • I can embrace adversity as a teacher, not an enemy or foe.
  • I can reframe hurtful events as opportunities for growth.
  • I can seize the opportunity to make use of my gifts and talents.
  • I can own my story, make peace with the past, and update everything to align with the truth that sets me free.
  • I can affirm my worth as a gift to the world through my thoughts, actions, behavior and speech.

You can learn more and purchase the first book in the Flyte Time Publications Life Change Series, It’s Time To Turn Up! No More Trauma, Volume1, by visiting Published Books and Favorite Things.

Readers' Favorite Book Review  by  K. C. Finn 

In this insightful and straight-talking guide, Lady D explores the after-effects of trauma, including stress disorders, self- esteem, and mental health issues. 

Lady D offers sage advice on using gifts, talents , and imagination to combat and triumph over the past.

Author Lady D offers a frank work that certainly makes mental health practices seem so much more accessible, taking away the mystical fallacy that only pills and professionals can help us and putting that power back into our own hands.

Overall, It's Time to Turn Up! No More Trauma is a must-read for those wishing to self- actualize and feel proactive in their mental health self-care.